5 Year BA/MA Program in English

The Five Year BA/MA Program allows GW English majors to earn both a BA and an MA in English within 5 years of study. The dual degree allows exceptionally strong and motivated students to move into advanced work early, to earn an expedited graduate degree, and to continue literary research with particularly helpful mentors.

Eligibility and admission:

  • All students admitted to the English Honors Program are eligible to apply for the BA/MA as well.
  • Interested students complete a short (one-page) application and commit to the dual degree during spring of their junior year
  • Admission does not require GRE scores, but students should be aware that further graduate study or transfer to another programme would require GREs


  • The MA portion of the program consists of 10 graduate English courses and the comprehensive exam
  • 2 of the 10 graduate courses may be taken during senior year and will count for both the BA and the MA
  • • These 2 graduate courses may be used to fulfill distribution requirements for the English major
  • The remaining 8 courses may be taken during the summer after completing undergraduate degree and the fifth year in the dual degree program

For more information, please contact Professor Marshall Alcorn (alcornma@gwu.edu ).

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