Honors and English Students to Hold Public Symposium December 9

Still from Floating Skyscrapers (2013), Tomasz Wasilewski, dir.
Professor Robert McRuer taught two courses in the interdisciplinary field of LGBT studies this fall, and students in both classes will be coming together on Saturday, December 9, to present their work-in-progress.  Students from both “Transnational Queer Film Studies and LGBTQ Cultures” (English 3980W) and “Intro to LGBT Studies” (Honors 2053) will be presenting at this event, which is free and open to the public.  English 3980W is held every fall; this was the ninth instantiation of the class.  It is simultaneously taught in Prague to students from the Czech Republic (and across Europe) by Professor Kateřina Kolářová of the Charles University Gender Studies Program.  For one week each November, Professor McRuer’s students travel to Prague to meet their counterparts and to attend together the MezipatraQueer Film Festival (Mezipatra means “mezzanine” in Czech, signifying a place in-between, in the middle).  This course is offered in partnership with the Short-Term Study Abroad Program. Honors 2053 fulfills a Humanities requirement for the Honors Program; this Fall 2017 was the second course that the program has offered in LGBT Studies.  Students in Honors 2053 read and viewed a range of material connected to Queer Origins, Queer Spaces, and Queer Bodies.  Both courses can be used to fulfill part of the requirements for GW’s minor in LGBT/Sexuality Studies.
Students in both classes invite you to attend this public symposium highlighting their work-in-progress.  Four sessions will be held Saturday, December 9, in Phillips Hall 412 (the Dean’s Conference Room), from 10:45 AM-5 PM.  The schedule is below.  Come out and support this innovative student work and this unique collaboration between English and Honors.
Free and Open to the Public
10:45 AM-12:00 PM: Embodied Imaginaries
Makenzie Briglia, “Changing Sex in Iran: Gender Performativity and Surgical Interventions”
Colleen Grablick, “Queering Eating Disorders: The Discomfort and Failure in Women’s Appetites”
Tara Kosowski, “Heaven Is a Place on Earth: Navigating Queer Utopia in ‘San Junipero’”
12:00 PM-1:00 PM LUNCH BREAK
1:00 PM-2:15 PM: Queer Innocence and Villainy
Elizabeth Brownstein, “Jacob’s New Dress: Children, Queerness, Futurity”
Ariana Patsaros, “Queercoding Villains in Contemporary Film”
Gwendolyn Umbach, “Queerness and Other Self-Confidence Narratives in Children’s Lit”
2:20 PM-3:35 PM: Across Queer Time and Space
Anthony Hannani, “Questing Labels: Transnational Ambiguity of Queer Identity”
Anna Peacher-Ryan, “‘The Whole Adoption Thing’: Racial Melancholia as a Queer Experience”
Clara Mucci, “This Time It’s Different: Homonormativity and Queer Politics on Will and Grace
Dominick Reynoso, “Love Behind Closed Doors: The Politics of Space and Queer Gentrification in Greenwich Village
3:40 PM-5:00 PM: The Queer Gaze
Rachel Kaufman, “(Queer) Eye Candy? The Warwick Rowers and the Imagery of Homonormativity”
Vanessa Newsom, “Gay Experiences in Poland: Cinematic Representations in the City and the Countryside”
Nicolas Nevins, “‘Threat to America’: Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Revolutionary Career and Lee Edelman’s No Future
Ryan Carroll, “Fuck Everything: Anti-Sociality and Homonormativity in The Living End and Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss

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