Prof. McRuer’s Students to Hold Symposium Saturday

Attendees at this year’s Mezipatra (which means “mezzanine” in Czech).
Can you find any of the GWU students?

Once again this year, GWU students had the unique opportunity to join Prof. Robert McRuer in attending Mezipatra, the Czech Queer Film Festival

The students in the class will be presenting their work at a one-day symposium Saturday, December 11, in Rome 204 in Prague as part of their ENGL 179: Transnational Queer Film Studies course.(801 22nd Street NW). Everyone is welcome!

Here is a description and the schedule of presentations:

This semester, students in English 179 (along with our counterparts at Charles University in Prague) have worked through a range of issues connected to queer theory, transnational theory, and film studies. From November 10-17, we combined our class with students in Prague to attend together the latest Mezipatra: Czech Queer Film Festival. On December 11, students in the course will present their work on three panels with five presentations each. Come and hear the ten-minute presentations and join in the conversation following. Feel free to attend any or all of the three panels. Free and open to the public as all good events should be!

10:30-11:45: Inside/Out: Trans Representations Now

Abigail Dimen-Taylor, “Costume and Camp in Bad Education

Sara Snyder, “Deviance in the American Military: Questioning Masculinity and Homophobia in Soldier’s Girl

Michael R. Komo, “Transamerica: An Analysis of Gender Identity and Expression”

Hallie Swan, “Turning Inside Out: The Fight to Sustain Gender Identity in the Wake of Exposure”

Whitney Kasle, “The Dominant Subordination: A Study of Mainstream Influence on Alternative Film”


1 PM-2:15 PM: Deviance, Desire, Danger: Queer Globalizations

Richard J. Livingstone, “Queering the Israel Defense Forces: A Gay Progression through the Works of Eytan Fox”

Zachary Rice, “The Queering of Time and Space in The Bubble

Tylar Green, “Liberating Homosexuality: 21st Century Queerness and how A Jihad for Love Frames the Western World”

Kirsten Ortega, “Brincando el Charco: Cultivating Puerto Rican Lesbian Identities in Transnational Space”

Chad Latawiec, “Prague as a Center for Gay Tourism”

2:30-3:45 PM: Rescripting Cultural Desire: Normative Authority and Queer Defiance

Colin MacDonald, “The Art of Oppression: Portrayals of Authoritarian Governments in Queer Cinema”

Lynn Thomas, “Critically Sadean: Deviance, Defiance, and Censorship”

Chloe Rome, “The Kids are All Right, and So Are the Parents: The Homonormative Construction of Family”

Megan Davison, “Does Disability Fit into the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility? The Implications of the Disabled Body and Its Relationship with Society”

Stephen Molldrem, “Frat Theory: College Fraternities, Gay Porn, and the Anatomy of Cultural Desire

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