Professor Spotlight: Christopher Sten


Professor of English Christopher Sten published his co-edited book “This Mighty Convulsion”: Whitman and Melville Write the Civil War just last Fall! This collection of essays makes clear that “rather than simply and straightforwardly memorializing the events of the war, the poetry of Whitman and Melville weighs carefully all sorts of vexing questions and considerations, even as it engages a cultural politics that is never pat.” This book was inspired by the 13th International Melville Society Conference, held at George Washington University in the summer of 2013, and its publication was scheduled to coincide with the 200th birthday celebration of Walt Whitman and Herman Melville!

If you are looking to expand your knowledge on Whitman and Melvilles’ complex views on the American Civil War, check out “This Mighty Convulsion”: Whitman and Melville Write the Civil War!

Article By: Leila Wargotz

B.A. English ’23

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