Spring Classes to Look Out For

This upcoming spring, two GW English PhD candidates will be teaching a series of unique classes that will be of particular interest to our undergrads. With registration just around the corner, now is a great time to learn about the special topics these classes cover!

Maureen Kentoff will be teaching ENGL 3840.11- Women, Place & Time

Delving into the world of identity, gender, and location, the course will explore the “everyday life” of modern American women through authors such as Kate Chopin, Willa Cather, Mary Antin, Zora Neale Hurston, Paule Marshall, Julia Alvarez, Julie Otsuka, Marge Piercy, Octavia Butler, Toni Morrison, and Barbara Kingsolver. Works will be a mix of autobiography and fiction, which will be looked at through a feminist lens that also brings to the conversation a multitude of other theories including psychological, postcolonial, and poststructural criticism. 
 Maureen is excited about the upcoming semester and the promising discussions to come. 

Maureen Kentoff

The class will run Monday/Wednesday from 2:20-3:35 on the Foggy Bottom campus and can be found under the Gender and Literature section on the Registrar’s English page. 

Elizabeth Pittman will be teaching ENGL 3810.10- US Black Freedom Movements

Though the title may change, this course will use a mixture of historical, literary, and cultural studies methods to help students better understand the Civil Rights period and its connection to other Black Freedom movements in America and the rest of the world. Works will look at the role of art, writers, and how language is used as a tool to change the world starting at the 1940s and continuing to recently published texts. 

 Elizabeth Pittman

Elizabeth is very enthusiastic about teaching this course because she believes that students often have only a limited knowledge of this period but are eager to understand the Civil Rights Movement and the 60s in more depth since it is a period of dramatic transformation in the United States. 

This class will run Tuesday/Thursday from 11:10-12:25 on the Foggy Bottom campus and can be found under Selected Topics in Literature on the Registrar’s English page.

Both classes present amazing opportunities to further learn about topics that are of great interest to the passionate instructors who will teach them and who wish to further ignite a hunger for the topic in their students. Keep a look out for more posts about amazing opportunities coming to you this spring!

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