Teaching and Learning in a Time of Intolerance

Please join the English Department faculty for informal and wide ranging conversation.

The faculty of the English Department care about you — not just as intellectuals and artists (you wow us every day in those roles), but as young people navigating a difficult present. Please know that our office doors are always open to you.
If you can, please try to join us this Friday for this special event at Gelman, which we thought might be valuable at the moment. It’ll just be the English Dept. faculty and whoever is willing to come and speak with us. And please know that all your friends are welcome as well.
March 24 2 PM
Churchill Center, Gelman Library 1st Floor
Teaching and Learning in a Time of Intolerance

A gathering and informal discussion for all GW students led by faculty from the English Department. We start with stories of learning, teaching and living at a time when racism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, antisemitism and other forms of hate are on the rise, and then move to group discussion. The objective here is better understanding and faculty-student community at a difficult time. All who would like to contribute positively are welcome. Refreshments and honest conversation.

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