5 year BA/MA program in English?

The English Department is thinking of introducing a program through which a select number of English majors could earn a BA at the end of the senior year, then stay at GW for an additional year of study and to gain an MA. This program would enable students to earn an MA a year faster than most masters degree programs allow. It would mean that during the senior year students would have the chance to take three graduate seminars. These advanced classes would count towards the BA and MA at the same time, so it wouldn’t be “extra” coursework. The program might also involve a special summer program, possibly three or six weeks long.

I’m posting this to ask you if you would let me know if this opportunity sounds appealing. We don’t want to put the effort into creating the program if no student demand exists for it. It would likely be a competitive program that students would apply into in the junior year, so that they would know well before they begin senior coursework that they will be earning a graduate degree on an accelerated schedule.

Please direct any feedback you have directly to me: jjcohen@gwu.edu, or post in the comments below. We are as interested in hearing from alumni as current students on this topic!

Thanks for your time.

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