6 Days and Counting … Grad Student Erin Sheley

Six days until the start of the fall semester… and six more entries in the English Blog-a-Day countdown! 

Yesterday I focused on the achievements of an undergraduate alumnus. Today I’m featuring English PhD student Erin Sheley, a 2006 graduate of Harvard Law School and a Law Fellow at Georgetown University. Recently featured on this blog for having had an article accepted in the prestigious Indiana Law Review, Erin was referenced in an August 7 Washington Post article about how young attorneys are positioning themselves to succeed in a shrinking law market.

English PhD student Erin Sheley

It turns out that one key to young attorneys’ success is … hard work. While she was an associate at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher practicing securities litigation, Erin completed a literary urban fantasy novel, Fear of Ice, which she describes as “Margaret Atwood Meets Neil Gaiman.” The novel is now being shopped around by an agent.

Oh, and while combining her Georgetown law gig with an English PhD program, Erin also contributes regularly to The Weekly Standard. (In 2001, when she was a college senior, she contributed a lively piece about being a “conservative coed” at Harvard.)

Erin’s advice to aspiring academics (according to the Post article): “Find time to write and produce scholarship. That’s the number one. You should have an article or two published. That’s the most important thing.”

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