5 Days and Counting … Faculty Kudos

After a long post-earthquake ’11 day today, I was tempted to give the Blog-a-Day idea a rest, but a backlog of faculty achievements makes this post easy to assemble. Some highlights of August faculty news:

  • Prof. Jane Shore, whose “New and Selected Poems” comes out next year, is featured in the current issue of Ploughshares magazine. Read her lovely poem “Fortune Cookie” here.
  • In a recent review, Prof. Andrew Hook of the University of Glasgow calls Prof. Tara Wallace’s recently published book Imperial Characters an “elegantly written and exciting addition to the growing bibliography of work on the theme of empire in eighteenth-century Scottish and English literature.”
  • Prof. Gil Harris, currently on sabbatical in India where he is researching a book on India in the English Renaissance imagination, published an essay in the Hindustan Times. “Whose India is it anyway?” examines two Aamir Khan film productions, Lagaan (2001) and Delhi Belly (2011), arguing that their takes on class and caste are emblematic of larger changes.

Congrats, all.

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