A Fresh Take on American Literature for Spring 2011

ENGL 1320W, Literature of the Americas, being taught this spring by Department Chair Prof. Gayle Wald, offers students a multicultural, transnational introduction to American literature. One of our goals is to understand “America” in relation to the elsewheres it has always contained, and to ask questions about America itself. Students read works by Langston Hughes, Edwidge Danticat, Toni Morrison, Phillip Roth, and Junot Diaz. They also read cutting-edge scholarship that seeks to reorient thinking about the boundaries of American literature.

The course is open to all students (there are no requirements), counts toward the humanities GCR, and offers WID credit. It meets twice weekly, once for lecture and once for section (taught by excellent English PhD students). The lecture is Monday 11:10-12:25. Section times vary.

Glitches during enrollment week gave students trying to sign up a message that they needed instructor approval, but this was in error. Questions to gwald@gwu.edu.

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