A message from the department chair

On October 23 at 5 PM in the Marvin Center, we will hold our inaugural GW English Distinguished Lecture in Literary and Cultural Studies. Rosemarie Garland-Thomson will present. Complete information is here.

I urge you to come. We are trying to build a better sense of intellectual community at GW, especially for those of us who work in the humanities. If you read this blog frequently, you know that I have observed that GW does not celebrate what we humanists do with the enthusiasm we merit. That is a shame. You can send a strong message to President Knapp simply by attending this lecture. He is delivering the university welcome, and if he looks out and sees the faces of our undergraduate majors, our graduate students, our faculty and our alumni and our friends in the Continental Ballroom, he will know why the event matters.

Just as importantly, Professor Garland-Thomson is a terrific speaker. I promise that you will learn much and feel engaged. I look forward to seeing you on Friday October 23.

Jeffrey Cohen

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