Avra Bossov Reads a Poem

Avra Bossov is a senior in GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs, majoring in Political Communications with minors in Sustainability and Mind-Brain Studies. In addition to her past involvement with House Staff, APO, and Alternative Breaks, Avra currently serves as the Executive Vice President of GW’s Student Association. In honor of National Poetry Month, Avra recited e.e. cummings’ “[i carry your heart with me (i carry it in]” and responded to some of our questions about poetry.

The Recitation

The Interview
interviewed by Sarah Costello, Kenny Hoffman, and Jasmine Baker.
Poets: Why did you choose “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]?”
Avra: ​I chose this e. e. cummings’ poem because it has always been one of those poems that you just go back to and read over and over and you still find certain lines beautiful.
Poets: How does poetry play a part in your everyday life?
Avra: That’s an interesting question because sometimes I actually think in poetic phrases! When I was a kid I used to carry around a journal and would just journal all the time and write poetry and everything, but then I got busy and everything like that. But this year, because of everything going on in my life, with the uncertainty of the future, I have taken to journaling again. So poetry, I would say, plays an interesting role in my life.
Poets: Why do you think the arts are important?
Avra: I think the arts are important because in our society in general we don’t necessarily express ourselves all the time, and it’s just important to reflect and be able to express yourself in a lot of different ways – not necessarily in words, although you could in poetry, but also in music and acting and dancing and other artsy things. But I think it’s important to always take some time to really think about your life experience and take the time to put your life experience in a different form for other people to see, too.

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