New Lounge Is Space for Students & Faculty

A student enjoying the new space.
Upon their return from winter break, English department students and faculty  were greeted with a new lounge designed by Interior Design MA students Elise Katzif Walker and Laura Van Biber.
Having never been to the previous lounge, and without any knowledge that there ever was one, I wasn’t sure where to begin looking for the new one once it was completed. So I ventured off to the Rome Hall assuming that it would be tucked away in an inconspicuous corner of the English Department. On my way through the hallways, I glanced into a room right outside the central office and said to myself, “Oh, that’s a nice room.” About 2 seconds later I realized it was the new department lounge. Needless to say, I was impressed to see what looked like one half of my ideal future studio apartment.
The space combines a seemingly impossible mixture of mature and childish design elements fitting for both faculty members who are young at heart and students who are 21 going on 81, and everyone in between. Blue and green walls as well as small green and blue ottomans are married with white leather lounge chairs and a 1960’s inspired silver floor lamp, creating a middle ground in maturity reminiscent of a university environment. The homey vibe that results exudes comfort and ensures its utilitarian intent. This is not your typical lounge that you run into to get your coffee and run out as quickly as possible.
The chalkboard wall. Note new coffee maker. Coffee pods are $1 in the Main Office. Cheaper than Gelbucks!
By far the most exciting feature of the new lounge is the chalkboard wall where students can write down their favorite quotes or write notes to their favorite faculty members. Katzif and Van Biber have created a space that by all means should be as well-received and popular among students as it is among faculty. One thing is certain, however: I will be a frequent visitor. Come say hey.
– Posted by Kevin Callahan

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