Discussion Groups for The Known World

Come to a discussion of Edward Jones’s The Known World
It’s the second session of THE BIG READ. Interested? Just show up!
  • Thursday, March 26th at 4-5:30. FACULTY PANEL with presentations by Professors Catherine Allen (Anthropology), Herman Carrillo (Creative Writing), David DeGrazia (Philosophy), Melani McAllister (American Studies), and Andrew Smith (Classics). This session is designed especially for discussion leaders as well as for faculty and staff members. Phillips 411
  • Monday, March 30. Discussion led by Professor Lisa Page (English) 5-6:30 Rome 663
  • Tuesday, March 31. Discussion led by ProfessorAndrew2Smith (Classics). 12-1:30 Phil 510
  • Wednesday, April 1 Discussion led by Lauren Shababb (Ph.D. student, English) 12:30-2 Rome 201
  • Thursday, April 2. Discussion led by Professor Catherine Allen (Anthropology) 4-5:30 Rome 663
  • Friday, April 3. Discussion led by Professor Phyllis Palmer (Chair, American Studies) 11:30-12:45 in American Studies Seminar Room.
  • Monday, April 6. Discussion led jointly by Professor David DeGrazia and Jeffrey Brand-Ballard (Philosophy). 12:30-2. MPA 208
  • Tuesday, April 7. Discussion led by Professor Herman Carrillo (Creative Writing/English) 5-6:30 Rome 663
  • Wednesday, April 8 Two discussions: #1 Led by Professor Melani McAlister (American Studies). 12-1:30 Rome 201; #2 Led by Professor Jennifer James 4-5:30 Rome 663
  • Thursday, April 9. Discussion led by Professor Michael Moses (Mathematics). 4-5:30 Rome 663
  • Friday, April 10. Discussion led by Professor Michelle Brafman (English). 1-2:30. MPA 208

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