Professor Mallon Inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Thomas Mallon with Daniel Day-Lewis

On Saturday, October 7, Professor Thomas Mallon, Director of Creative Writing in the Department of English, was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  Professor Mallon is the author of eight novels, including Watergate: A Novel. last weekend. He is the third member of George Washington University’s Faculty, and the second member of the English Department, to be inducted into the AAAS; other AAAS members include Martha Finnemore, a Political Science and International Affairs professor, and GWU President Steven Knapp (who is tenured in English.

The Academy has been recognizing the excellence of scholars for over 250 years. 
The organization consists “of 4,000 American Fellows and 600 Foreign Honorary Members”(AAAS) and is dedicated “to elect to membership men and women of exceptional achievement, drawn from science, scholarship, business, public affairs, and the arts, and to conduct a varied program of projects and studies responsive to the needs and problems of society” (About AAAS). 

It is an amazing achievement for our faculty to join the ranks of the Academy founded by famous scholars such as John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and our university’s namesake George Washington (Historical Notes AAAS).

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis was inducted into the Academy last year, but was unable to attend the ceremony because he was busy on the set of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (watch the trailer here).  The delay proved fortunate for Day-Lewis, who was able to have his photo taken with Professor Mallon.  Congratulations again, Professor Mallon!

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