EGSA Symposium: Decay and Regeneration This Friday, March 5th!

Please join us virtually this Friday,

March 5th, 2021 for the annual symposium hosted by the English Graduate Student Association! Our theme this year is Decay and Regeneration and features a full day of events including panels, a featured speaker, a keynote by Anna Mollow, and a virtual happy hour and performance. The full schedule is below and you can register to attend by following this Eventbrite link. 

We hope to see you there!

8:15AM to 8:45AM EST 

Optional Coffee Hour / Meet & Greet

8:50AM to 9AM EST 

Opening Remarks from Maria Frawley, English Chair

9AM to 10:15AM EST Panel #1
Writing Resistance, Reading Resistance

An Infinite Play of Shattered Mirrors: How Postcolonial Narratives can Avoid the Fetishization of Oppression
Ragavendra Maripudi (he/him/his) | The George Washington University | English

Through the Eyes Of Black Children: Dissemblance & African American Literature
Kevin A. Blanks (he/him/his) | The George Washington University | English

The Representation of Yellow Woman in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony: A Translation of Mythology from Laguna Oral Storytelling into the Written English Language
Juana Tarralbo (she/her/hers) | Washington University in St. Louis | Germanic Language and Literature

Overcoming Bondage with Bodily Autonomy
Tanya Barnett (she/her/hers) | The George Washington University | Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

10:30AM to 11:30AM EST Panel #2
Pandemics and Ecological Disaster

How Qajar Iranian Princess Taj al-Saljana Saw a 19th Century Global Pandemic
Amanda Caterina Leong (she/her/hers) | University of California, Merced | Interdisciplinary Humanities

Real and Imagined Villains: HIV/AIDS and the Literary Imagination
K. Tyler Christensen (he/him/they/them) | The George Washington University | English

‘No longer ever hungry but forever hungry’: Food and Realism in Tara June Winch’s Risk Narrative The Yield
Liu Lurong (Cora) (she/her/hers) | Chinese University of Hong Kong | English

11:45AM to 12:30PM EST Featured Speaker
At the Heart of Tragedy’s Darkness: Examining the Tragic Genre’s Impulse for Empire-Building in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
Areeba Ahmed (she/her/hers) | Texas A&M University | English Literature and Culture

12:30PM to 1:15PM LUNCH BREAK

1:15PM to 2:15PM EST Panel #3
(Re)Memorialization and Space

Dessa Rose and Beloved as Fictionally Localized Spaces of Demonization-Driven Statelessness: Arendt, Foucault, and Cixous in Conversation
Ashley Carpenter (she/her/hers) | The George Washington University | English

To Build a Ruin
Brady James Forrest (he/him/his) | The George Washington University | English

The Pickrick Protests: An Interactive Geo AR Experience
Yuchen Zhao (she/her/hers) | Georgia Institute of Technology | Digital Media

2:30PM to 3:45PM EST Panel #4
Crip/queer Regeneration and Crip/queer Decay

 “…don’t you know that I’m decaying, completely decaying, like something that ceases to exist?” The decaying self and self-constitution in Rahel Varnhagen’s letters to David Veit
Franzi Finkenstein (she/her/hers) | Washington University in St. Louis | German & Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Ecopoetic Practices of the Non-Human: Recounts of Gary Snyder, Michael McClure and Allen Ginsberg
Natallia Valadzko (they/she) | University of Warsaw | English Studies

Media BDSM: Seeking Healing and Closure Through the Media We Consume
Bri Sikorski (they/them/he/his) | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Folklore

Creating Impossible Futures: The Apocalyptic Queer/Crip Optimism of NieR:Automata
Ren Koloni (they/them/their) | The George Washington University | English

4PM to 5PM EST Keynote
Decay is Life. So is Disability. 

Anna Mollow (she/her/hers)

5:30PM-7PM EST Optional Happy Hour

5:30PM-6:15PM EST 

Invited Speaker & Performance (occurring concurrently)
We Carry the Feeling: On Rootedness and Growing Out of Southern College Punk Scene
Theodore Hilton (he/him/his) | Tulane University | Cultural Anthropology

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