Fall Sneak Peek

Now that we’re all settled in for the semester, and following the great turnout for the Inaugural Digital Humanities/Dean’s Scholar in Shakespeare lecture (delivered by Michael Witmore, director of the Folger Shakespeare Library) we want to let you know a bit more about this blog and the upcoming semester.

Samantha Yakas with Bruce Jay Friedman
Jewish Literature Live- Spring 2013

First, Samantha Yakas will continue to be our communications liaison this semester, helping to keep this blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter active. She will be completing her final year at GW and you may see her lurking around as a TA if you are taking Intro to Criminal Justice. Please feel free to contact her, especially with ideas for what you’d like to see more of here, at syakas@gwmail.gwu.edu

Second, Be on the lookout for an exclusive interview with our Jenny McKean Moore Writer-in-Residence, Molly McCloskey! Her first reading will be Thursday September 26th at 7:30pm in the Honors Townhouse.  As with all our events, you can find details in the calendar on the right.

Third, We especially want to hear from some of our fantastic undergrads this semester. What internships did you hold over the summer? How have you progressed in your writing career? Did you succeed at being published?  What amazing things are happening with your semester?

It’s going to be another great year for GW English!

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