Featured alumna: Annie Kelly

Annie Kelly writes:

After graduating from GW in May I got a job working for Senator John McCain’s Presidential campaign as the Director of Administration. I am responsible for operations and logistics of the national campaign office as well as the satellite offices in primary states. It is long hours, a lot of work, and a lot of pressure but I am really enjoying it. It is an honor to work for Senator McCain and I am very grateful to have the opportunity.

Being an English major has helped me get every job from my first internship freshman year to my current position. Political science majors are a dime-a-dozen in DC and I know that political employers like English majors because they know they can express a point effectively. Being an English major at GW was a great experience for me and I know I will miss it. Although, I am not so sure my fellow classmates and the faculty will miss my occasionally over-enthusiastic expression of my right of center views.

Good luck with your career in politics, Annie.

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