Jane Shore Reviewed on NPR

It’s National Poetry Month … and National Public Radio celebrated with a mention of GW’s own Jane Shore and her remarkable new book of poetry A Yes-Or-No Answer. From the NPR website:

There’s blooming out — and darkening in — in Jane Shore’s collection, A Yes-Or-No Answer. This is a domestic book, filled with elegies about the writer’s late parents, and hymns to the ambivalence of life. Take the simple cadence and serio-comic feel of the title poem:

Do you double-dip your Oreo?
Please answer the question yes or no.

The surgery — was it touch and go?
Does a corpse’s hair continue to grow?
Remember when we were simpatico?
Answer my question: yes or no.

Six more rhyming stanzas later, we get a less-than-reassuring answer to Shore’s question.

Listen to or read the full program here. Congratulations, Jane!

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