We Try So Hard to be Hip

We have our blog. We have our Facebook page. We offer the most cutting edge courses in the university, if not the galaxy. So why is it that when we finally have a cute graphic to assist with our strategic plan for utter media domination, the University phases out our hippo?

Should we have chosen a First Folio as our graphic? A Wordsworthian daffodil or cloud? Would that be more enduring?

Let’s see if GW comes up with a new animal to take the place of our semi-aquatic sub-Saharan former mascot. Let’s see if, like the hippo, this mascot turns out to be the university president’s shamanistic animal spirit guide. Our suggestion? The raven. What could be more literary? We even provide this official photo of the five hundred pound raven statue already perched on campus (in front of the Old Main Building … which ought to be rechristened the Edgar Allen Poe building and given entirely either to the ornithology department or, if we don’t have one at GW, to the English Department). All that need be done to this picture is to have the former president Photoshopped out, and the new one — a literary scholar! — inserted. Instant new mascot, and new image to give it some fame. And don’t, like Poe’s raven, tell us nevermore.

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