GW English PhD Joseph Fruscione Publishes Faulkner & Hemingway Book

English alumnus Joe Fruscione’s new book

The world of GW English has a fantastic new book to add to its already impressive repertoire.

Dr. Joseph Fruscione, a GW alum and current faculty member, recently published an extensive dual biography chronicling the competition between two of America’s legendary writers. Faulkner and Hemingway: A Biography of a Literary Rivalry (Ohio State University Press, 2012) is the first book-length work analyzing the relationship between these two luminaries. 

According to the book’s introduction (which you can read online), this book provides a detailed account of the authors’ interrelationship by analyzing “psychological influence, cross-textual reference, and gender performance over some three decades.” Says Fruscione, he evaluated each author’s “writing, literary sensibility, and sense of masculinity.” All this is to say that he did oodles of research, dissecting writings both published and private.

The rigorous exploration of modern American mythology is sure to draw praise from some and criticism from others. Fruscione acknowledges the “potential for disagreement,” claiming that it is a vital aspect of contributing to the scholarly dialogue about what it means to be an American writer.
The book is an improved version of Dr. Fruscione’s PhD dissertation. He received his doctorate from GW in 2005, and has nothing but positive memories from this time. “Every faculty member,” he says, “was great and supportive.” He said that the list of inspirational GW teachers includes, but is not limited to, Profs. Sten, Moreland, and Soltan (who composed his dissertation committee), as well as Profs. Miller, Schreiber, Romines, and Combs. He also says that Prof. Seavey was a positive influence, telling him to “get it right.” 

Dr. Fruscione currently teaches at GW in the University Writing Program and at Georgetown University. He has been teaching with the UWP since 2007, and praises the program, saying that the variety of courses offers something of interest for every student.

As if he isn’t busy enough, Dr. Fruscione will also be giving a book talk at the Library of Congress on March 16, from 12 to 1 PM. 

Come see him talk if you possibly can. And if you can’t, buy the book; it’s an essential piece of reading for everybody interested in these authors and the psychology of competition. GW English is proud to add Dr. Fruscione’s wonderful new book to its ever-expanding library.

– Posted by Andrew Mendelson

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