Prof. Ann Romines Publishes Willa Cather Cookbook

Happy Memorial Day to readers! I wish I had a dollar–no, make that $25–for every time someone has asked me whether, as a university professor, I “work” during the summers when I’m typically not teaching. For English graduate students and faculty, summer indeed offers a respite from the usual round of classes, office hours, meetings, and lectures, but that doesn’t mean we’re sunning ourselves at the beach eating bon-bons. (Well, maybe for a week or two…)

Rather, we’re using the luxury of less-scheduled summer days to work on research in libraries and archives and to devote ourselves to various writing projects, from books, articles, and essays to fellowship applications, tenure dossier reviews, and peer reviews for scholarly journals and university presses.

And the faculty and graduate student publications keep coming. This time, we congratulate Prof. Ann Romines on the appearance of At Willa Cather’s Tables, a cookbook published by the Willa Cather Foundation, an organization that since 1955 has worked to preserve Cather-related sites and artifacts, encourage reading of Cather’s work, and facilitate Cather scholarship.

Here’s how the publisher’s press release describes the book:

“Preparation of food is one of the most important things in life,” said Cather, the novelist who loved the arts of the kitchen and the pleasures of the table. This new cookbook, edited by Prof. Romines, one of the nation’s leading Cather scholars, allows readers to experience and enjoy recipes from Cather’s work, from her family and friends, and from the many places that were meaningful to her. An extensive final section includes dozens of recipes from the Foundation’s special events and from loyal friends and volunteers.

At Willa Cather’s Tables may be ordered from the Cather Foundation website or by calling 866-731-7304.

Congrats to Ann, and bon appetit to readers.

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