Scenes from the GW English Celebration of Ann Romines’s Career

On October 2, GW English hosted “American Literature, Women’s Writing, Willa Cather Studies: The Work of Ann Romines.  Full details of the event can be read here.  Below are some photos from the successful event.  Thanks to all who attended!
Professor Ann Romines (pictured here with GW English PhD
Charmion Gustke) retired this year after 43 years of service
to the department
Composer and Pianist Gregory Spears
talked about his operatic adaptation
of Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case”
Soprano Millicent Scarlett
performed “The Teacher’s Aria”
from Spears’s opera
Charmion Gustke (GW English PhD)
of Belmont University
opened a panel featuring former
students of Ann Romines
Michael O’Neill, current GW English
PhD student was the second panelist
Naomi Lesley (GW English PhD)
of Holyoke Community College

rounded out the panel of former students
Georgetown’s Lisbeth Fuisz
(GW English Phd) was the
fourth panelist
The keynote address was delivered by
Professor Guy Reynolds of
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
who spoke about Ann Romines’s archival
and historical work on the scholarly
edition of Sapphira and the Slave Girl

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