September 26: Alumni Open House

The detonation of explosives at Square 54 aside, a typical Friday afternoon in the English Department is as quiet as a stone.* The only sounds to be heard are those made by a few professors who are taking advantage of the lull at the end of the week to accomplish some grading, or by some graduate students who are not allowed to begin their weekends on Thursday Wednesday as undergraduates do.

On Friday September 26, however, we hope to break that end of the week hush and welcome visiting alumni back to the English Department. As part of Alumni Weekend, we will be holding an open house from 3-5 in the Main Office, Rome Hall 760. We’ll be offering some delicious Italian cookies and — because we are pretentious — tea and sherry. We look forward to seeing former GW English majors there. Please register here in advance so that we don’t eat all the biscotti before you show up.

*”As quiet as a stone” is Keats, who is typically known for better metaphors. We could have said “quiet as a heart that beats no more” (Longfellow) or “quiet as a sepulchre” (Dickens), but those are just creepy. If you want something more artful, we suggest “quiet, as of dreaming Trees” (Gerald Massey). We didn’t use that comparison, though, because we thought having the sherry was pretentious enough as is.

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