Spring Break has Sprung

We’re not quite there yet. But it is Spring Break.
Here’s what students and professors are doing over the break:
  • Prof. Tara Wallace will be flying to Vancouver to present a paper at the annual conference of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.
  • Prof. Christopher Sten will be traveling to Minnesota to see family, and hopefully the last of winter!
  • Prof. Jeffrey Cohen will be “recovering” from the “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods” conference, as a part of the GW Medieval and Early Modern Studies program. He’ll then be writing and delivering three lectures as the Ida Beam Visiting Distinguished Professor at the University of Iowa.
  • Prof. Margaret Soltan will be journeying to Ireland after years to visit her daughter, Ania, who is a GW junior studying abroad.
  • Prof. Combs will be enjoying tax season…
  • Prof. Evelyn Schreiber will be venturing to the Woolly Mammoth Theater to participate in a trip to London to see new plays, as a part of her Fall 2011 Dean’s Seminar, “What’s New About New Plays.” Then, she will grade first drafts of papers for her students, as well as try to finish a draft of a chapter on family structures in Toni Morrison’s Love for a collection on Morrison’s latest fiction.
  • Prof. Gregory Pardlo will be making headway on a couple of essays, one about Langston Hughes, and another about the persona poem and dramatic monologue.
  • Prof. Gayle Wald will be catching up on work, but also traveling to New York City just to be a tourist.
  • Sophomore and musician Drew Bandos, recently signed to Mush Records for his “solo-ish” ambient/shoegaze project Is and Of The, will be utilizing the break to write live versions of the songs on his album, Heads Phased for Dreamless Sleep, as well as new material back home in Philadelphia. He’ll also be doing a live in-studio session at Drexel University’s radio station, WKDU, at 12:30 pm EST on Wednesday, March 16th- listen if you can!
  • Student Abby Dimen-Taylor will be basking in the Miami sun!
  • Junior Eliana Reyes will be relaxing at home in Virginia, then venturing to Toronto for St. Patrick’s Day.
As for me, I’ll be heading back home to Texas for some much-needed rest, relaxation, and authentic Tex-Mex- (burritos in DC just don’t cut it!). I’ll be seeing friends at home in Houston, and will also be traveling to Austin for a day or two to catch the tail end of the 2011 South by Southwest Music and Film Conference. With the abundance of free concerts, how could I not?
Hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!
– Paula

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