Stay Lit: (9/22-9/24) Weekend Happenings in DC for the English Major

Hello, English majors and weekend warriors! If you’re looking for something stimulating to get into this weekend, and every weekend, know that GW English News has got your back. Every Thursday we will be posting information on engaging, thought-provoking, fun events that are happening around the city. If you have a favorite open mic night or know of any upcoming events in DC that you want to make others aware of, feel free to let us know!

This weekend, The Folger Library is hosting a concert designed to take you back to the days Shakespeare with music and instruments that were popular during his time! An English Garden will feature fiddles, viol, lute, cittern, winds, and soprano Emily Noël. Yes, it’s kinda pricey, but when you impress your date with a suggestion for something to do this weekend that is something other than seeing IT in theaters (technically another literary-themed event happening … all over the country), we are sure they will be super impressed. Get your tickets soon because they are going fast.

Price: $42 


Ever have a curious desire to see locks of Sylvia Plath’s hair or the plank of wood from a coffin which she used as a writing desk? Well, now you can! The National Portrait Gallery is currently hosting an exhibit dedicated to one of the 20th centuries most infamous poets. One Life: Sylvia Plath features not only the oddities mentioned above but also original drafts of some of Plath’s most recognizable and enduring poems. Whether you’re a fan of Plath’s work or looking to gain better insight into an important literary and cultural figure, this exhibition is worth checking out this weekend.

Price: Free

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