Stephen Greenblatt is coming to GW

Although all of the Inauguration Festivities are likely in their own way to be worth attending, allow me to call your attention to two that you will not want to miss, both of them on Wednesday November 14.

1. “Cultural Mobility: The Travels of Shakespeare’s Cardenio” by Stephen Greenblatt, Professor of English, Harvard University.
In the Grand Ballroom of the Marvin Center: 10-10:55am.
Greenblatt is one of the most important scholars working in literature today, the founder of a whole school of criticism. Any English major who doesn’t attend will be doomed to a life of miserable and intllectually impoverished life thereafter, a life full of nearly inexplicable regret. Also, Greenblatt will be introduced by by our very own resplendent and charming Gil Harris, your Director of Undergraduate Study in English.

2. 12-1:30pm Research Gallery
Cloyd Heck Marvin Center, Third Floor, Continental Ballroom
View presentations, displays, and posters featuring the work of GW faculty and student researchers and creative artists.
Two department faculty are featured: Gayle Wald and Gil Harris. Please stop by so that they will not be standing before their posters looking lonely.

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