Student Farewells to Maxine Clair

Our beloved colleague Maxine Clair is retiring. I’d like to share with you some comments from the student evaluations from her very last class.

Professor Clair will be missed dearly. Each class with her is like a small step forward in my life as a student, and also a contribution to whatever I might achieve after. She teaches that we are capable of everything and anythingShe is amazingMaxine Clair is the best professor I have ever had at GWU. I consider her a mentor and a friend as well as one of the most intelligent people I have ever met … She’s wonderful and helps students get to the heart of their stories … Maxine Clair is a fantastic professor. This course has been my favorite in four years in the English Department Clair is the best professor at GW. She has changed my writing and my life! … The English Department is about to lose one of the most amazing professors of the lot. She is a wonderful woman and professorGive her some kind of award. She deserves itI love Maxine. I’m glad we got to be her last class at GW and I’m sad other students at GW don’t get to experience her teachingShe has changed my life and been another teacher who makes me want to teachClair is AWESOME!

All I can say is: I have to agree.

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