The English Department Thanks Those Who Contributed to Its First Annual Drive

Our sincere gratitude to the following alumni who contributed to our departmental mission last month:

  • Michael Y. Bennett (2002)
  • Winston Eldridge (1985)
  • Dr. Richard M. Flynn (1987)
  • Dr. Robin Meader (1992)
  • Laura A. Springer (1997)
  • Mr. John George Sussek (1979)

We will mail a copy of Edward P. Jones’s novel The Known World to each of our November contributors as a small token of gratitude.

The generosity of alumni, parents, and departmental friends throughout the fall semester means that the English Department has been able to put into place new programs and courses that we would otherwise be able only to dream about. Total fall semester contributions totaled $31,400. These funds will be used to introduce a new course that brings authors to campus to visit the class in which their works are being taught; enable visits to GW by writers like Michael Chabon and Art Spiegelman; encourage undergraduates to engage in research projects and travel to their first conferences; enable faculty to initiate new research and present their work; sustain our graduate program, our community outreach, and our contributions to GW’s intellectual life.

To each and every supporter we say THANK YOU. Your philanthropy transforms us.

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