Transnational Queer Film Studies Symposium: Saturday

Some of the students in English 3980
on a rainy day in Prague

Students in Professor Robert McRuer’s English 3980, “Transnational Film Studies and LGBTQ Cultures,” had the opportunity this semester to participate in one of the department’s most unique offerings.  The course was taught all semester here at GW while another version of it was taught simultaneously at Charles University in Prague by Professor Kateřina Kolářová.  From Nov. 6-17, the GW students in the class (along with one Georgetown student) traveled to Prague to meet their counterparts and attend together the Mezipatra International Queer Film Festival.  The students saw a total of eight films in Prague together, and met daily (sometimes with directors and others involved in the festival) to talk about and debate those films.

At one of the cinemas at Mezipatra, waiting
for a lecture by Professor Lisa Duggan of NYU

The GW students involved in this class will present their work in progress emerging from it this Saturday from 11 AM-4 PM in Rome Hall 771.  This symposium consists of three different panels and is free and open to the public.

Transnational Queer Film Studies Symposium
Saturday, December 7, Rome Hall 771
Free and Open to the Public

11 AM-12:15 PM Longing, Belonging, and Failing: The Queer Art of Conflict and Crisis
Timothy DeVita, “Good Doc/Bad Doc: Conflicting Representations of Doctors in AIDS Films”
Adam Schuler, “Identities in Conflict: Failing Masculinity and Nationhood in The Bubble
Jimi Patalano, “Family, Diaspora, and Belonging in Khashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival”

1-2:15 PM Reorienting Queer Affects: From Earnestness and Safety to Horror
Linda Cui, “The Disorienting Nature of Humor in an Age of Queer Earnestness”
Gordon Gebert, “Don’t Worry, Being Gay Is Actually Okay: The Internet as Safe Haven for Gay Community”
James Walls, “My God She’s a Boy!: The Queer 80s Horror of Sleepaway Camp

2:30-3:45 (Queer) People Are Still Having Sex
TJ Brown, “Is 3 the Charm: Queer Polyamory and Normativity”
Michael Smith, “Fantasy Transformations: Gay-for-Pay Porn and Participatory Cultures”

Madeline Mador, “Pussy, Slut, Feminist? The Politics and Representation of Sex-Positive Feminism and the Queer X Show”

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