Two Courses to Consider for the Fall Semester

We are fortunate to have a renowned scholar of theory, performance studies and Latino literature join us in the fall semester. José Muñoz is our second Wang Visiting Professor in Contemporary English Literature in GW’s Department of English. He will be teaching two courses, both open to all qualified undergraduates. Professor Muñoz is a charismatic teacher and a field-defining writer. Don’t miss this chance to study with him!

Performing Race, Sex and Gender (English 172.14, TR 11:10AM – 12:25PM)
This course looks at the pivotal role played by performance in popular culture, art, literature and everyday life. The class offers an introduction to Performance Studies, a field that looks at not only how actual theatrical performances are staged but also at the concept of performativity, allowing us to consider the ways in which words and even objects do things. Our critical lens will be brought to bear on the ways in which race, gender and sexuality are performed in North American culture. This course will examine performance and installation art, popular genres like stand-up comedy, contemporary literature and film.

Public Feelings
(English 701.10, Tuesday 3:30PM – 6:00PM)
How do we know and describe feeling? Is there a particularly American way of feeling? How does African American culture tell a story of black feelings? Can contemporary Latino literature and performance instruct us in what its like to feel Brown? What are queer feeling and who has them? This course looks at a range of public feelings that include hope and hopelessness, depression and ecstasy, joy and sadness. We will inquire into the role of politics in public feelings and emotions in popular culture. Readings will include work in the emerging field of affect studies. This course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

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