Welcome, Welcome to Another Year at Hogwarts…Wait, that’s wrong. Confessions of a Dork

My name is Tess Malone and I am a sophomore at GW majoring in English. This is what I have been filling out on every index card my professors pass out during our first class. Of course it really tells you nothing about me, the new Communications Liaison Intern, and definitely does not suffice for an introduction on this blog. English majors are supposed to be creative types, so let’s see what I can muster up.

As it turns out, I have not gotten over the summer slump so I will resort to a traditional and somewhat obnoxious list that will only prove how big of a dork I am and hopefully show you how I am qualified to update you on all of your English needs!

You Know You Are An English Major When:

You start a summer bookclub with your friend leading to arguments on why you could not seem to finish your first selection, Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Somehow though you did find time to read three Michael Chabon novels in the same time period.

-When you check out John Steinbeck’s East of Eden the librarian asks you if are in summer school.

– You have to read the book the movie is based on before going to see it even if this means rereading the sixth Harry Potter book only four hours prior to the midnight showing.

You turn into the annoying friend who gives books as gifts and then pesters the recipient until they have read the book. (Case in point, I am still waiting for my roommate to finish Sheri Holman’s The Dress Lodger even though she got it last December.)

-When authors visit campus you resemble one of the screaming girls when the Beatles first arrived in the US.

Yes, sadly all of the above is true and happened this summer. Besides blogging and voraciously reading you may also find me reporting for the Hatchet Life section, working on my photography skills, cooking, and meandering around DC.

I look forward to writing for the blog this semester. Expect updates on readings and various events throughout DC, alumni and faculty interviews, etc. I will also be managing the GW English Department’s Facebook page. Please feel free to drop me an email at tmalone(at)gwmail(dot)gwu(dot)edu.

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