4 Days and Counting … English Is Hiring

The English Department is pleased to announce two job searches for this year. One is for the 2012-13 Jenny McKean Moore Visiting Writer-in-Washington, a creative writing position supported for more than 30 years by the Jenny Moore Fund. The genre of this hire changes from year to year. This year’s JMM Visiting Writer is Tim Johnston, an extraordinary prose fiction writer (check out his award-winning collection Irish Girl). For next year, we’re seeking a poet.

We’re also conducting a search for a British Romanticist to contribute to the department’s concentration in British 19th-century literary and cultural studies. This position is at the rank of assistant professor.

Both job positions have been posted in the Chronicle of Higher Education and the MLA Job List, but full descriptions and information about how to apply are on our website.

We look forward to the opportunity to recruit new faculty to join us in Rome Hall.

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