Announcing the EGSA Blog

The 2011-2012 English Graduate Student Association announces the arrival of the GW EGSA Blog!
Here is a report by graduate student Tawnya Ravy:

In an effort to stay in touch with English graduate students and to offer regular updates on events, we decided to create this blog. We see it as an exciting opportunity to encourage English graduate students to take an active role in the academic, professional, and social events offered by the department, the individual programs, and by EGSA. We also envision it as a place where current graduate students can exchange ideas, seek advice, or offer suggestions for the Association via the Forum function.

With teaching, studying, writing, and TA duties, we realize how difficult it is to foster a sense of community in a graduate program. We would like to change this by using the blog to encourage study breaks, form study groups, organize happy hours, access the unique opportunities for fun and development in D.C., support department events, and offer inspiration, news, and comedy to help students through the challenging years of graduate school.
Already you can find information on the upcoming National Book Festival this weekend in DC as well as the upcoming Plan Your M.A. Workshop. In addition, we are looking to organize reading groups to support some of the upcoming academic events including the two-day MEMSI event on Monster Theory and the upcoming Composing Disability event. Please visit the GW EGSA Blog to indicate your interest in participating in these events/groups or email You are also encouraged to “Like” us at the GW EGSA Facebook page where you will receive event invitations and updates.

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