Are you on our mailing list?

If you’ve donated money to the department over the past year, you are already on our mailing list (your name should also appear in the “Department Supporters” box to the right: thank you for your generosity! We couldn’t do much of what we undertake without your support). Early in the fall you will receive our inaugural newsletter. Despite the image to the left, it will not be composed via quill.

If you would like to be on our mailing list to receive our festive and fact-filled newsletter this fall — and to keep receiving our high quality superbly written achingly beautiful materials for all of eternity — please email us at: You could also donate some money to the department and support our mission, and then we will not only put you on the mailing list, we’ll put you in our exclusive little box of honor to the right. And you will have the lasting satisfaction of having helped keep English the very best department in the entire university, if not the entire solar system, galaxy, and maybe even cosmos.

You can make a contribution via the link at right (but you MUST designate the ENGLISH DEPARTMENT on the electronic form or we will not receive your contribution). You can also mail a check to GWU with a note saying it is for the English Department to: Advancement Services, The George Washington University, Division of Development and Alumni Relations, ATTN: Gift Processing, 2100 M Street, NW Suite 310 Washington, DC 20052.

Thank you!

[PS Many thanks to super keen eyed alumna Liza Blake, who pointed out the typo in my post title, now fixed. That’s what happens when I attempt to blog via quill.]

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