Announcement from Le Culte du Moi

Posted at the request of Keren Veisblatt:

At Le Culte, we pride ourselves on our exclusivity and the high quality of the works we publish. This year has been a rebuilding one for us, as many of our founding members have graduated. However, throughout this transition, we are confident this year’s issue will be the best ever. Taking time to examine one’s work and devise a plan that allows for positive growth has been an important process. The issue boasts over 20 poems, 9 experimental pieces, our first cover image and our first sponsorship by The Program Board and the SAC. In short, we’re becoming a lot bigger and better. We encourage you to submit in the future.

We invite you to please come to our poetry reading and open-mic night on April 30th at 9:00pm in Marvin Center Room 308. It will also serve as the magazine release party and there will be plenty of French refreshments (i,e, Brie and Baguettes), following the tradition of Le Culte.

Feel free to send an e-mail if you have any questions or comments. Please do join us!


Keren Veisblatt
Editor-at-Large of Le Culte du Moi

Le Culte du Moi is one of The George Washington University’s premier literary magazines. We publish fiction, poetry, and non-fiction works by various distinguished writers from the greater GW community and beyond.

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