Stocks Fall Like Satellites, Auden Weighs In

Hi, again. It’s me, Kirk.

Did you hear about this?! [Washington Post]
A grenade was found in Rock Creek Park this morning & removed by the army.
Hooray! Efficiency!

Like the Rock Creek’s maintenance worker, Gayle Wald[saw] something, [said] something: she linked us to this post on Will Ostrem’s blog, Northern Light. The post highlights some lines from Auden’s “Here on the cropped grass” which do that strange thing all good writing does: resound within and around an ever-widening ambit of pertinence.
I won’t post the lines themselves or conjecture much more regarding them because Will Ostrem already has it covered, so read his post!

HIs post reminds me of Rod Smith‘s last poem in the last section [Homage to Homage to Robert Creeley] of his most recent book, Deed. Rod manages Bridge Street Books, a really great bookstore. It’s the closest bookstore to campus!!
Here’s the poem:

pour le CGT
We work too hard.
We’re too tired
To fall in love.
Therefore we must
Overthrow the government.

Have a good day!

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