Bob Ganz’s “Last Lecture”

Prof. Robert N. Ganz delivered a “Last Lecture” to more than 100 friends and colleagues.

Prof. Robert Ganz’s unique legacy of teaching that began in 1964 culminated Friday February 18 with an honorary “last lecture” that drew friends, alumni, former students and colleagues. Although I never personally had a class with Prof. Ganz, I was able to see the remnants of his “eccentric, wonderfully abrasive” teaching, as described by former students, an engaging style that has made him a notable and integral part of the GW English Department over the years.

During the lecture, Prof. Ganz utilized dramatic emphasis, proclaiming phrases and quotes emphatically, serving to both engage and educate the audience. Interwoven with mentions of Frost and Nietszche, Ganz’s lecture focused on the premise of the lived experience in modernism. Ganz concluded his lecture by quoting Frost, stating, “my time has reached its last.” A standing ovation, as well as a reception, marked the end of a rich career for an English department veteran.

– Paula

[Note from the Chair: For those who were unable to make last Fridays’ event, or for those who simply want to think about his remarks more fully, we will try to have a copy of Prof. Ganz’s last lecture available soon. Look to this page for more information.]

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