Creative Writing Program Ranked Best

George Washington University’s Creative Writing Program was picked by CreativeWritingEDU as the best Creative Writing Degree Program in the District of Columbia! 

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     According to the website, “George Washington University’s BA in Creative Writing and English provides an optimal blend of study in classical literature and writing exploration and technique.” 

     The program takes advantage of the university’s location in Washington DC with a large number of internship opportunities.  

“Through this program, students enjoy opportunities to dive deep into creative writing and study many genres, including poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, playwriting, memoir, and even hybrid and emerging genres.”

Students “also study under an esteemed faculty and visiting writers, poets, and memoirists. And thanks to a prime location in our nation’s capital, many of the program’s students land prime internships with places like the Library of Congress and the Folder Shakespeare Library.”

Royalty-free photo by Klaudia Ekert via

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