Edward P. Jones Residency: Some Dates to Remember

  • December 10 (10 a.m. – 1 p.m): One thousand copies of The Known World will be given away for FREE in the Marvin Center
  • January 29 (5 PM) Edward P. Jones Inaugural Reading, introduced by GW President Steven Knapp (Jack Morton Auditorium, School of Media and Public Affairs)
  • February 18 (6:30 PM) “Knowing The Known World: A Faculty Panel Featuring Edward P. Jones.” This is a special event for GW alumni and will be held at Alumni House. Preregistration required through the Alumni Association.
  • March 23 (6 PM) Edward P. Jones introduces Michael Chabon (Jack Morton Auditorium, SMPA)
  • April 22 (5 PM) Concluding Q&A with Edward P. Jones (Phillips 411, Academic Center)

Although this event does not involve Mr. Jones, you will also want to attend:

  • April 2 (8 PM) Art Spiegelman on “Comix” (Jack Morton Auditorium, SMPA)

With the exception of “Knowing The Known World,” all these events are free and open to anyone who would like to attend. Edward P. Jones will be in residence in the English Department at GW as the first Wang Visiting Professor of Contemporary English Literature during the spring semester of 2009. We thank the Wang family for their generosity. Support for the visits of Michael Chabon and Art Spiegelman has been graciously extended by David Bruce Smith. The English Department is extremely grateful for such alumni philanthropy.

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