English Department “On The Move”

 For the past month or so, the English Department has been a flurry of boxes, files, and books as we’ve moved from the 7th floor of Rome to the 6th floor of Phillips. The move has made the location of the English department far more cohesive, with all the professors and offices now on one floor. This has been a great time for everyone to fulfill that oft-made resolution to clean up and reorganize!
Professor Holly Dugan spoke to her favorite part of the somewhat hectic process:
“In the process of packing up, I discovered papers from students I’ve taught in past semesters, going back 10 years. I looked some of them up on LinkedIn and it was exciting to see their thriving careers. All in all, it was a great trip down memory lane.”

I thought the best part of the move, for me personally, was getting to spend time with Professor Schrieber outside of class, and hearing about her life and career. Having taken her graduate course, 20thcentury, this past fall, it was a pleasure to hear about her time at GWU and all her stories about past years, especially since she will be on sabbatical this spring.
The movers were incredibly friendly, helpful, and efficient, and the new main office has plenty of sunlight. Luckily, there is no longer construction that’s taking place outside the window! A big thanks to the IT department as well, who had the computers and phones set up and ready to within the very first days.
Parker Stoker, a Masters candidate, is excited to have his very first office as he teaches a UW course this spring. After holding office hours in Gelman Library last semester, he will now have a more permanent space to help students with their questions on his course.
With all the ups and downs, it is fantastic to finally be settled in to the new space. The start of 2016 has brought a fresh new look and layout to the English Department. Goodbye, Rome Hall, and hello Phillips!

Pictured: The new lounge, fully stocked with coffee and water!

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