Senior Spotlights: Rebecca Radillo

“Raising High & Saying Goodbye: Rebecca Radillo is a graduating senior majoring in English. She currently has an internship with where she writes on pop culture with an academic lens–she already has an article published analyzing Doctor Strange through an Orientalist and disability lens. She will be attending Boston College in the fall for an MA in English, where she hopes to deepen her love of Shakespeare and the Romantics. She wrote my honors thesis on how political figures in William Shakespeare’s history plays self-legitimize their power through rhetorical devices and linguistic images in their political speeches, and also how they are deployed in film adaptations. The work she has been most proud of as an undergraduate are her essays analyzing Moby Dick through an ecofeminist lens and viewing Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus through a queer lens. We are all so proud of you Rebecca, and know you will go on to do even more inspiring work!”

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