Fall 2018 Course Offerings: The 19th Century British Novel and Slow Reading Virginia Woolf

This Fall 2018 Semester, The English Department will offer two courses, ENGL 3210: Slow Reading Virginia Woolf and ENGL 3551: The 19th Century British Novel. Each course dives deep into some of English literature’s most popular and enduring novels. Both courses are taught by Professor Jennifer Green-Lewis.

ENGL 3210 – Readings in Creative Writing: Slow Reading Virginia Woolf
M, W 2.20-3.35

A course for students who want to hone their reading skills in order to think critically about their own writing. We’ll slow-read three of Virginia Woolf’s extraordinary novels. We will discuss things both tiny (such as the comma) and vast (such as human consciousness). We will consider how Woolf draws on the visual arts; her preoccupation with beauty; and the relationship in the novels between memory and identity. Assignments will be creative as well as analytical.

ENGL 3551 – The 19th Century British Novel
M, W 2.20-3.35

A fast-paced and challenging course on novels by Brönte, Dickens, Thackeray, Eliot, and Hardy. Be prepared for a lot of reading, lively discussion, juicy literary gossip, and occasional forays into the visual arts as we delve into the Victorian world.

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