For Current Majors: English 172 and the English Major Requirements, 2008-9

Fall 2008

Engl. 172.10 Freud, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky Elective

English 172.11 Medieval Drama pre-1800; or pre-1700

Engl. 172.12 American Coming of Age Literature 20th Century

Spring 09

Engl. 172.10 Central European Modernism Elective

Engl. 172.11 19th Century British Novel & Empire 19th Cent; or 1700-1900

Engl. 172.12 Disability & Literature Minority; or Theory/Cult. Studies.

Engl. 172.80 Holocaust in Literature & Film Minority; or 20th Century

Engl. 172W.10 Literature & Film of American Suburbia 20th Century

Engl. 172W.11 Jewish Literature Live Minority, or 20th Century

Most 179s may count as Theory/Cultural Studies

Engl. 179, History of the English Language pre-1800, pre-1700, or Theory/Cultural Studies.

Most 171s don’t fulfill a period requirement.

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