Jane Shore Has a Perfect RMP Score!

RateMyProfessors can be a delicate subject for faculty members, who often mistrust and fear it the way business owners mistrust and fear Yelp! (“The food was awesome!” “The food was inedible!” “Awesome!” “Inedible!”).

But according to an interesting piece in The Hatchet, the site ranking system seems to produce results that roughly mesh with evaluations conducted the old-fashioned way. Except, of course, for the chili peppers, which are a RateMyProfessors hallmark.

We know that RateMyProfessors has is getting something right, though, because as the Hatchet piece reveals, Jane Shore has perfect scores on the site! By my wholly non-scientific reckoning, this either means that:

1. Jane Shore’s students love her.
2. Jane Shore’s students feel passionately enough about her teaching to go to RateMyProfessor.
3. All of the above.

If you’re an English major, do you use RMP to record your thoughts about English courses? To award chili peppers? Do you trust RMP as a guide to choosing courses from semester to semester?

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