From Prison to Stage

The following was sent by faculty member Pati Griiffith, who is helping to edit the plays.

Highlights of Kennedy Center “From Prison to the Stage” Show 2009

On September 5, 2009 the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC will explode with the finest plays and music written by prisoners across America. This year’s edition of “From Prison to the Stage” will be the best yet with the help of faculty and theater students of the George Washington University Theater and Dance Department, under the direction of Jodi Kanter, author of “Performing Loss” about prison theater. The following plays have been selected for presentation this year at the Kennedy Center. Mark your calendar so that you won’t miss this FREE evening of riveting theater. If you are a justice professional or part of a justice organization who would like to participate in the program in some way, including being on stage to introduce one of the plays or having your materials at our literature table, please email or call 202-393-1511.
Here are the plays that will be presented:

1. The Love That Divides by Hakim M. Abdul-Wasi, Music by Inner Voices
“A man returns home to his Christian family after converting to Islam while away, only to find his family upset and unaccepting of his new beliefs.”
2. One Fine Day in Inferior Court by Alex Friedman
“A wacky judge, a clueless defense attorney, a bloodthirsty prosecutor and a hapless defendant trip over each other in this courtroom farce.”
3. I Am a Woman on Death Row by Kathleen O’Shea, Music by Lorri Carter
“Not one woman but dozens on death row in America today tell their story as a collage of experiences.” 4. Reading Slim by Raymond McGee “A hostile prisoner resists taking advantage of educational opportunities in his prison to hide his inadequacies, including a shameful secret from his past.”
5. Homeward Bound by Richard Dyches, Music by Dennis Sobin
“About to leave his correctional institution, a prisoner finds that his shortcomings are still in need of correction as he prepares to face his wary wife and confused son.”
6. Time In by Judy Dworin Performance Ensemble and the women of York Correctional Institution.
“Story, song and dance about the heartaches and triumphs of women in prison.

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