GW English Alums on the Move: “Everyone always asks me if I was a journalism major …”

… writes Chloe Rome, a recent GW English major who’s now working at CNN in Atlanta.  “Most people are surprised when I say I was an English major.  But my English degree gave me the shape and structure I needed to succeed in journalism.  I learned how to read something and think critically about it, and how to apply a different lens of thought to a concept. It made me a better writer and a more well-rounded individual; I personally see my English degree as a benefit in this industry.”
Chloe Rome at CNN

Chloe’s currently a Video Journalist.

Video Journalists (or VJs as we are called) perform a variety of function across numerous networks. I primarily work in CNN domestic and CNN International as a floor director, in which I provide direction and assistance to anchors during live shows on the studio floor. I also work as an Editorial Assistant in the newsroom, where I assist different show teams by creating slideshows, working with guests, and cutting soundbites and video to post to the website. 

Each of us gets to tailor our experience to our own specific goals. Not only do we have the opportunity to shadow people in other departments, but we also are able to apply for rotations in other departments such as We also have access to CNN’s “Best University”, where we can take classes on different internal systems, programs, as well classes that focus on a variety of leadership and career development skills. Most VJs are promoted to another position at CNN within 2 years.   

My long terms goals at CNN are to work out of the DC Bureau, either on a show team or the political unit, as a writer. I would also love to work for a show team here in Atlanta as an Associate Producer. 

Chloe singles out Robert McRuer among her professors in the English department.  He “has the ability to connect with his students and extend the boundaries of what they believe to be true. The classes I took with Robert dramatically altered the way I thought about literature, and culture itself. My mind was opened up to so many different schools of thought, all of which have shaped the way I view the world around me. He was also my Honors Thesis advisor, and he really pushed me to my potential as a writer and cultural scholar, both of which have prepared me to do well here at CNN.”

Chloe has some job advice for current students in our department:

Be aggressive. The greatest compliment I have ever received was from an executive producer during an interview who told me I was “aggressive in a good way”. This is a tough field to get into, but that is by no means a reason not to. Don’t take no for an answer and be persistent in going after what you want. 

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