GW English Alums on the Move: Laura Greenfield at Hampshire College

Dr. Laura Greenfield
GW English PhD ’07

Laura Greenfield (GW English PhD 2007) is founder and executive director of Women’s Voices Worldwide, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting social justice around the globe by educating women and girls to be powerful speakers in all areas of personal, academic, professional, and civic life.  Since 2013, she has been a visiting associate professor of Education and Communication at Hampshire College.  She was recently featured on Hampshire College’s “Faculty Friday” spotlight.  Read the entire post here.  Here are some highlights:

“Currently, Dr. Greenfield is the Director of the Transformative Speaking Program, a new initiative launched in 2013 which provides resources to students to develop as powerful speakers (public speaking, group discussion, interpersonal communication) and resources to faculty for support in bringing speaking instruction into their courses. The program is in the second year of its pilot phase, and Dr. Greenfield’s primary work thus far has been to hire, educate, and oversee a group of Hampshire students who are providing peer speaking mentoring to students.
Dr. Greenfield first came to Hampshire when representatives of the college contacted her with requests to provide speaking workshops and classes. ‘Over the years I had the opportunity to learn from students, faculty, and staff about their interests in greater speaking resources. I fell in love with the school and the people here—the support for individuality, creativity, and innovation coupled with a commitment to justice in action resonates deeply with my philosophy of education. In response, I created a proposal for a pilot speaking program, and the rest is history!'”

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