Howard Jacobson’s Newest Novel

Lots of us remember last year’s visit to GW of English novelist Howard Jacobson, our 3rd British Council U.K. Writer-in-Residence, and author of the witty and wonderful Kalooki Nights. Well, the “Jewish Jane Austen” (or, as he might prefer, “English Woody Allen”) has a new novel, The Finkler Question, recently published in Britain.

Click here for a podcast from the Guardian (U.K.), which features Howard reading from his novel as well commentary from a Middle East analyst whose views the novel satirizes.

No word yet on when the U.S. paper edition of Howard’s latest will be out, although you can download the novel for your Kindle. And keep your eyes peeled on this year’s Man Booker Prize. Once again, Howard Jacobson is short-listed, this time for his latest novel. Maybe this will be Jacobson’s year?

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