Meet Paula Mejia, Class of 2013, our New Student Blogger

I’m happy to introduce our new Student Blogger, Paula Mejia, Class of 2013. A prospective double English/CW major, Paula will soon be blogging regularly. Here’s what she writes about herself:
I hail from Houston, Texas. Since childhood, I’ve had the opportunity to spend many lazy summer afternoons reading, writing, and breathing in my surroundings. My adolescence was shaped by Jeffrey Eugenides, Chuck Palahniuk, Jonathan Safran Foer and David Sedaris, some of whom are still among my favorite authors. Currently, I’ve been delving more into Thomas Pynchon and Beat generation literature, reading works by Jack Kerouac, Allan Ginsberg, Ken Kesey and William S. Burroughs.
Not surprisingly, here I am a college sophomore, with an intended double major in English and Creative Writing, with a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication (I know–I either love writing or I’m a little masochistic!). In my free time, I enjoy camping with friends, going to concerts, and venturing around DC.I’m increasingly interested in the music business, music journalism, and/or music industry studies further down the line, once I’m out of college. I’ve been pretty involved in the Texas music scene, particularly in Houston and Austin, since high school, following local musicians, critically acclaimed bands, and establishing connections–and now I’m doing the same here in DC. I’ve been heavily involved in WRGW, GW’s on-campus radio station, since the defining first day of the first semester of freshman year. As a clueless intern, I was alarmed to discover that the DJ I was interning for wouldn’t be able to do the first show of the semester, and it was all on me to put on an articulate, well-thought out, musically competent show. I was sure that everyone listening could hear how loudly my heart pounded in my ears. But something clicked that day–the DJing, the commentary, the broadcast–it just came naturally to me, and I realized that this is something I want to at least explore doing.
You can catch my radio show, Sit Back and Dream, every Friday from 2 to 4, where I’ll be talking about cultural and local shows, have commentary with my co-host, Drew Bandos (also an English major) and playing a wide variety of genres, including shoegaze, lofi, trip-hop, indie rock, and more. That’s it for now- stay tuned for more updates!

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